Rock Remembrance With Recluse Friday 9th of November

Chris, Paul, John, Dave, all original members of Recluse were joined by Bill so now with the complete lineup we are hoping to play as much as we can where ever we can.
Rhythm, lead Guitars. Chris is a cheerful chappie and does like his music and beer in any order. John Main Vocal, Rhythm, Lead Guitars (oh and Tambourine)
He has a versatile voice and can cope easily with all the various styles that we have a go at. He also plays rhythm guitar and is an accomplished player, just don’t ask him to play a particular chord, as he never seems to know what any of them are. Dave
Bass, Vocal, Keyboards (General Busybody) Dave can hold his own on Guitar, Piano and Vocals but he is held in high regard in this little musical pond called Southampton for his Bass playing. Bill Drums (and lots of them) Bill is the newest member to join the Recluse flock, and with the great wealth of experience and enthuisiasm he is also a “bloody nice bloke”. He plays with the energy of a 25 year old (but a 25 year old what?) Paul Lead and Rhythm Guitars A versatile player who can play most styles well. Always perceived as a shy guy as he tends always to be stuck behind the speakers. He plays down his talent and should be out the front strutting his stuff.

Doors Open At 7pm, Music From 8pm.

Tickets Available On The Door. Tickets Soon Available To Be Reserved.

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