EASTER MESSAGE: from the Priest in Charge

It is a strange Easter, for the first time for over 30 years I will not be involved in leading Easter worship, but an experience which persecuted Christians have known throughout the church’s history.  I have access to online music and am free to worship with others albeit electronically.  It makes me thankful for all the times when I have been able to meet with others and worship.  As I saw recently, the churches may be shut but the tomb is empty, the truth of Jesus Christ risen from the dead is not affected by a shut building! 

In the midst of suffering and death we see hope and goodness triumphing, as people go the extra mile to support our vital services, key workers and look out for their neighbours, and nature is recovering from the battering we humans have given it over the years. 

I pray that when this is over, we will remember the lessons we have learnt and live new and more generous and caring lives to the benefit of the universe and each other.  HAPPY EASTER.

Many thanks 


The Venerable Caroline Baston
Interim Priest in Charge, parish of Fawley