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Update & Support for Foodbanks

The Local Foodbank will be shut to callers from Monday, but there will be home deliveries. 

Due to the present crisis Waterside Foodbank has had to change the way it does things, 80% of the volunteers are over 70!

So as from Monday 23rd March the Foodbank premises in Blackfield will be closed to the public. However, emergency foodboxes will still be available to clients but on a delivery basis only. At present we are able to meet demand and donations are still coming in. However I realise that with congregations unable to meet, your essential donations will be missing.

Could I ask you therefore to convey to your members the need to continue to donate by putting donations in the supermarket Foodbins located at

  • Tesco Applemore
  • One Stop Fairview Parade, Hythe
  • Waitrose Hythe
  • Sainsburys Blackfield
  • The Coop Holbury
  • The Coop Marchwood

The Foodbank also needs used carrier bags so if these could be donated via the Foodbins too we would be grateful. Financial donations are also welcome and this can be done via stewardship through the online giving platform

For the latest updates please check 

Initial Update for Baptisms, Weddings, Funerals, & Services

Additional details can also be found on the Church of England website

Weddings: can take place, but only with 5 people: priest, couple, two witnesses.

Baptisms: can take place with priest, parents, 3 Godparents

Funerals: only immediate family and it is suggested that it is a graveside service or just a few in church suitably distanced. At the local crematorium, capacity has been reduced to 30, spread out around the chapel.

Services: the Archbishops have reiterated that when a priest celebrates Communion on behalf of everyone, it is not a public service. Therefore when I do this the church will be locked and opened after I have finished. Anne will be present so I am not alone, the whole company of heaven are allowed to be there too!

Prayer about the outbreak & Light a Candle 7pm 22nd March

The Church of England are holding a light a candle of hope: A national call to prayer in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

Join us, with thousands across the nation, as we light a candle* and display it prominently in a window. For the sake of each other we self-isolate; but Jesus light and love in our lives can hold us together – even if we must be apart for a time.

We’ve attached a prayer for you whilst you light a candle.

*Please be careful with your candle ensuring any curtains or nets are safely tucked away.