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Election of Churchwardens Thursday 3rd of January

A Meeting of Parishioners is to be held on at 7.30pm on Thursday 3rd January at All Saints’ to elect two new Churchwardens.  

Nomination forms are available at each of the Churches.  Please return to Tracy.  (Refreshments will be available at 7.00pm).

Details about the duties of a churchwarden can be found below.

An outline of the role of Churchwarden

  • When the archdeacon admits you as a churchwarden, he is formally appointing you to this office on behalf of the Bishop. The Bishop may want to consult with you about the parish during the year.
  • The office of churchwarden holds ownership on trust of all the movable assets of the church, and they are to be held and used to pursue the mission of the Church. A record of such items is to be kept i.e., the inventory·
  • A support for the priest-in charge.  Clergy look to their churchwardens to be dependable colleagues and supportive  in their shared responsibility for the life of the parish
  • They are to ensure that an inspection is made of the church each year and to make a report on the fabric and contents to the PCC once each year i.e., presenting the terrier and inventory with a report·
  • They are to maintain order in the church and churchyard, most especially during times of services, and to ensure that the church is ready for worship.
  • They have the duty of providing seats for parishioners· They are to collaborate with the bishop in the running of a parish during vacancy·.
  • They are the principle representatives of the laity of the parish and should be foremost in furthering its mission of the church and collaborating to that end with clergy and laity.
  • Lay people will often follow the example and lead of their churchwardens both in the PCC and more generally in the parish. They will sometimes come to a churchwarden with their concerns about the church. A churchwarden’s wisdom and common sense are great assets for a church.