Guidelines, Responsibilities and Boundaries Involving Children, When Hiring the Premises.

1. The hirer of the premises is responsible for ensuring that appropriate child protection procedures are in place and that they undertake the necessary checks for this.

2. The hirer undertakes to implement all appropriate child protection procedures for the activities they are delivering.

3. Care should be taken where groups hire the church premises, and parents drop off their children early and the group leader has not arrived. When the activity has finished that the group leader does not leave before all the children have been collected. Under no circumstances must a child to be left waiting outside alone, because the parent has dropped the child off early or is late picking them up.

4. Ensure that if the child is not to be collected by a parent that you are aware, and know who will be collecting the child!

5. Accident book must be kept and completed for any injury (no matter How trivial). Keen observation and record must be kept if it is noted that a child appears to have regular/fresh marks i.e. bruising etc… to body.
Should it be felt necessary to report it to the appropriate bodies.

6. Agreement must be met with the group leader before allowing those with access to the building to enter. A log book should be kept and completed with name, time in/time out nature of business when anyone other than those involved in the activity enters the premises.

7. Should there be any discrepancies or concerns, to contact the Safeguarding Officer / Child Protection Co-ordinator for the premises:

Mrs Mary Hurst
Parish Safeguarding Officer

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