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Thank you for visiting our website, please take a look around and see what we do and what we can offer you as a visitor or what you would like to be involved with as a member of our church.

The Parish is located near Southampton, Hampshire, in the Diocese of Winchester and our Parish Church, dedicated to All Saints, in the village of Fawley, dates from the 12th Century.

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Our Mission Statement

We are here to exercise the ministry of Jesus Christ in our own neighbourhood and to share in the wider ministry of the Church in the world.  This ministry includes worship, prayer, fellowship,  pastoral care, mission and service.

Our Mission Prayer

Lord, pour out upon us the gifts of your Holy Spirit, that we may live in love and joy and peace, sharing these blessings with those around us, as we journey Along the Way, to the glory of Your Name.  Amen.

Churches in the Parish

All Saints’ Church


Marsh Lane,
SO45 1DL

The Good Shepherd


off Roewood Road,
SO45 2JL

St Francis Church


West Common,
SO45 1XU