The Choir

The choir’s primary purpose is to help to lead the Sunday worship and although they sing mostly at All Saints’ they move around the parish as needed.

The choir has a wide repertoire singing Tudor anthems and African music, psalms and spirituals.  Each member of the choir both young and old has their favourite and we try to sing something for everyone.

The choir is affiliated to the Royal School of Church Music (RSCM), and makes use of the organisation’s ‘Voice for Life’ resources to give choir members whether young or old a musical education.

Choir Training

Practices are:

Friday’s between 6.00 and 7.30pm

1st Sunday of each month 5.30 – 6.15

Choir subs are 50p per week for under 18s and £1 per week for adults – these pay for music, outings and course subsidies, and in return choristers under 18 receive small payments based on attendance.

How do the choir train?   Once a chorister has completed his/her probationary period they become part of the RSCM training scheme

“Voice for Life”.

The scheme enables individual singers to make progress and develop within the normal pattern of rehearsal for the choir. It brings out the best in young singers and as they grow in confidence, enthusiasm and commitment, they learn how to help and support those with less experience.

A “Voice for Life” involves each member of the choir and it provides opportunities for training the individual and the choir.

It has a number of levels

Level One: White
Level Two: Light Blue
Level Three: Dark Blue
Level Four: Red
Level Five: Yellow

Voice for Life badges and RSCM medals with coloured ribbons are available for each level.

As a chorister becomes more experienced they are able to move on to diocesan awards.

Bronze (Dean’s) award – usually attempted between Levels Three and Four, and broadly equivalent to Grade 3

Silver (Bishops’) award – usually attempted between Levels Four and Five, and broadly equivalent to Grade 5

While these awards are examined at Diocesan level talented candidates are encouraged to attempt the nationally examined Gold award

Several choristers are members of the RSCM’s Voices South whose programme enables them to sing in cathedrals across the south of England.

This provides them with valuable experience which they put to good use back here at Fawley.

To find out more call at the church on Friday evenings between 6:00pm and 7:30pm or get in contact with Philip Dowd (Choir Trainer) via e-mail or phone.

Contact Details

or by phone on: Southampton: 023 8084 1679